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Hey, kids! JOIN US and support COVID-19 vaccines for global neighbours in lower income countries through the LOVE MY NEIGHBOUR project (LMN) in partnership with UNICEF Canada. Did you know less than 18% of the population in low-income countries is vaccinated against COVID-19? Every $2.50 raised covers the cost of delivering two doses to a global neighbour which may include: transportation, cold chain protection, healthcare worker training, community readiness and waste disposal! That’s a big impact! 

Image by Lauren Mancke

Step 1

Get together with friends, a parent or grandparent to plan your lemonade stand. Select a sunny day and location with good visibility for your stand. Plan to have the following on hand: jug of lemonade, cups, table, container to collect funds for vaccines and hand sanitizer. 

Step 2

Request the number of Love My Neighbour 1.25-inch buttons and postcards you want to make available to your lemonade customers by emailing the quantity, mailing address and contact name to (ED, Millennium Kids + Project Coordinator, Love My Neighbour).

Step 3

Make a sign for your Love My Neighbour ‘Lemonade Stand Together’.

Step 4

Be ready to explain the Love My Neighbour project to your customers using the paragraph at the top of this page. Check out our website for more info. 

bunch of sliced American

Step 5

Donate the vaccine funds you raise by making an online donation to Love My Neighbour’s UNICEF Canada fundraising page at using a credit card or mail a cheque to UNICEF Canada, Attn: Community, 90 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 400, Toronto, ON, M4P 2Y3 (marked for the Love My Neighbour Project—Lemonade Stand Together).

Step 6

Celebrate your fantastic efforts! Divide your total funds raised by $2.50 to discover how many global neighbours you helped access COVID-19 vaccines through UNICEF. Great job!! Now, challenge your friends and family to host their own Lemonade Stand Together to help the whole world access COVID-19 vaccines. Post a photo of your lemonade stand and tag @lovemyneighbourproject.

Let’s make sunny summer days count for global neighbours needing  

a COVID-19 vaccine, with love! 

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